by Prand Machine Co

ششمین نمایشگاه توانمندی‌های صادراتی جمهوری اسلامی ایران


We are a family run manufacturer of plastic closures for mineral water, soft drinks, juice, edible oil and dairy products in Iran. With more than 40 years of experience in food and beverage industry. We constantly strive to offer the appropriate solution for our customers’ packaging requirements. Thanks to the high quality of SUNCAP products, we have been able to supply domestic and foreign markets. Our Mission is: To produce high quality closures, protecting our customers’s product from bottling to consumer’s hands. Quality: Quality is very important for us. We develop and check our procedures carefully for continual improvement. Our manufacturing site is ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, FSSC certified. In order to guarantee our product consistency, we use advanced in-line inspection systems and laboratory equipment to test the closures and try to develop our knowledge and instruments every year. For more information, please contact us. Technology: We have strict criteria for choosing our machinery and equipment. We are in continuous collaboration with technology owners’ labs to ensure we offer the best solution to our customer. Various quality and process-ability checks are carried out and feedback from potential customers are processed during development phase to ensure our customers’ success after going into production. We update our molds and equipment to adapt to new market needs. We know that our success relies on our customer’s success. Sustainability: We endeavor to reduce our environmental impact by reducing the amount of resin converted per product (light weighting) and reducing electricity consumption. For this reason, we are continuously studying on weight reduction opportunities and invest in new and energy efficient technologies without sacrificing quality.


  Product Neck finish Application Decoration option Packaging (pcs. in box) Quantity in truck Quantity in 40’ HC container
1 28mm PCO1810 Carbonated soft drinks (CSD), non-CSD 3 color print 4700 4.150.000 3.300.000
2 28mm (short neck) PCO1881 Carbonated soft drinks (CSD), non-CSD 3 color print 6000 4.980.000 3.960.000
3 29mm (short neck) 29/25 Mineral water, non-CSD Embossed logo 8100 6.723.000 5.346.000
4 30mm 30/25 HN Mineral water, non-CSD Embossed logo 5200 4.316.000 3.300.000
5 38mm 3-start 38 3-start Dairy, fruit juice Embossed logo 3800 3.071.000 2.442.000
6 38 3-start aseptic 38 3-start Aseptic filling, dairy, fruit juice 3800 3.071.000 2.442.000

ششمین نمایشگاه توانمندی‌های صادراتی جمهوری اسلامی ایران