Parand Machine (PJSC), producer of Plastic Caps & Closures is proud to announce the company’s certification to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 standards are the most updated of their kind, and they focus on quality management systems and performance. Parand Machine is proud to be among the few companies in the Caps & Closures industry in Iran to achieve this milestone several months before the September 2018 deadline.

This latest version of ISO 9001 puts greater emphasis on leadership engagement and assists organizations with identifying risks and opportunities in a structured manner. It also addresses supply chain management more effectively. It is the primary way to ensure we fulfill our commitment to put customers first, making sure we consistently meet their needs and improve upon their satisfaction.

Parand Machine Company is the producer of various Caps and Closures with SUNCAP trademark for dairy, carbonated soft drinks (CSD), mineral water, edible oil, beer, and etc. our products include:

  • 28mm PCO1810 bottle caps for CSD application
  • 28mm PCO1810 bottle caps with Oxygen Scavenger compound for beer and fresh juice
  • 29mm 29/25 (short neck) bottle caps for mineral water
  • 30mm 30/25 bottle caps for mineral water
  • 38mm 3 start bottle caps for aseptic filling and juice