Oxygen Scavenger Mechanism:

Scavenger Compounds neutralize oxygen from in the head space of closed bottles. Additionally, they prevent oxygen ingress into the bottle. Oxygen scavenger material is inserted into the cap as a disc and when exposed to humidity, it is activated to fix oxygen via a chemical reaction. The compound is certified for direct food contact.

Oxygen Scavenger Performance Measurement

Measurement of oxygen ingress into packaging is done using PreSens measuring equipment. In this test, non-invasive oxygen measurement system, a fibre optic trace oxygen transmitter (Fibox 3 trace v3) and sensor spots, are placed inside the  bottles before filling and closing. Then oxygen ingress is measured.

Oxygen scavenger performance of SVELOX® 5690 compared to standard material POLYLINER® 569

Parand Machine Co. offers oxygen scavenger SUNCAP® closures in two different versions:

  • 28mm PCO1810 cap with PP shell and Oxygen Scavenger liner
  • 28mm PCO1810 cap with PE shell and Oxygen Scavenger liner

Thanks to SVELOX® 5690 compound used, our caps provide:

  • Enlargement of shelf life as a result of no oxygen ingress up to 100 days
  • Reduction of Oxygen ingress in total vs. standard sealant compound
  • Superior softness and elasticity for excellent sealing properties on the various returnable bottle finishes of PET and glass
  • Suitability for hot filling up to 95 °C with subsequent cooling and pasteurization
  • Suitability for beer and fruit juices
  • FDA and EU compliance
  • Protection of sensitive filling goods
  • Outstanding sealing properties